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We design, deeply understand, and then scale up solutions to a wide range of delivery challenges. 



Combination therapies for personalized medicine

The most successful therapies involve delivery of multiple drugs. We aim to co-formulate multiple therapeutics for simultaneous delivery to target sites in the body. 


Fundamental studies of drug liquid crystalline phase formation

We aim to formalize the relationship between liquid crystalline phase behavior and drug release in order to design stimulus-responsive and controlled-release nanoformulations for applications in humans and plants. 


Nanoparticle delivery to plants

We design and optimize low-cost nanocarriers for the delivery of agrochemicals to plants, and study the fate and transport of our nanocarriers in natural systems.


Nanoformulation process integration and scale-up

There is a strong translational element to our research, and we strive to develop processes that can be implemented at the industrial scale. We are interested in developing unit operations that improve product physical stability, reduce processing time, and promote dosage form flexibility.

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