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Research in the Ristroph Lab focuses on developing nanomaterials and scalable nanoformulation processes for medical and agricultural applications. We design, deeply understand, and then scale up solutions to a wide range of delivery challenges.


We formulate nanocarriers for the controlled delivery of therapeutics, imaging agents, and agrochemicals, then evaluate their movement and efficacy in target systems. In parallel, we closely study the material science fundamentals underpinning our nanoformulation platform to inform future process development and drive innovation. Our processes can be adapted to encapsulate (and co-encapsulate) multiple payload classes, ranging from hydrophobic small molecules to hydrophilic biologics including peptides, proteins, and nucleic acids.

The work we do is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary, and our project areas span chemical and biological engineering, pharmaceutical science, translational nanomedicine, process engineering, soft material science, environmental science, and agricultural bionanotechnology. 

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